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Gear Hobbing for Spur, Helical and Worm Gears

We specialize in manufacturing spur, helical, and worm gears through hobbing. Gears can be hobbed with outside diameters of up to 48", a maximum of 18" face width, and 1.5 D.P. We guarantee that our gears are hobbed to AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) Class 8. Higher class gears up to AGMA 10 can be cut upon request. We manufacture all pitches of gears including Diametral Pitch, Module (metric), Circular Pitch, and Transverse Diametral Pitch. Various part shapes can be hobbed in our machines. From simple donut shaped gears to complex shafts with multiple steps can be hobbed. Using our custom tooling, we can hob other tooth forms such as sprockets, timing gears, involute splines, parallel sided splines, and serrations as well.

To meet the needs of our customers, we keep a large selection of gear hobs on hand. While some people like to rent their tooling, we own all of ours. Currently, we have over 1,600 hobs in our tool room. This allows us to start a job as soon as you submit a purchase order rather than waiting 1-3 days for tooling to arrive. In rare instances, when we do not have a tool for the job, we can usually get it delivered to us from our suppliers next day. The materials that our hobs are made from vary. The most demanding jobs call for the hobs to be made from solid carbide. For every day jobs, the hobs that we use are made from any one of the following materials: M2, M3, M4, M45, Rex45, or Rex76 tool steels.

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Alloy Steel 4140
Alloy Steel 4140-PHT
Alloy Steel 8620
Carbon Steel 1045
Carbon Steel 1018
Cast Iron Class 40


Gear Types

Gear Racks
Helical Gears
Spur Gears
Timing Gears
Worm Gears

Gear Manufacturing Capabilities

Gear Hobbing
Bevel Gears
Thread Milling
CNC Turning
CNC Milling
Grinding (Internal, O.D, and Centerless)

Production Quantity

Any size order

Other Services

24/7 Rush/Breakdown Deliveries
Engineering Consultation
Gear Box Service & Repair
Inspection and Quality Control
Reverse Engineering

Gear Types

Spur, Helical, and Worm Gears

1.5 D.P. max.
18" face max.
AGMA 8-10
Circular Pitch
Diametral Pitch
Transverse Diametral Pitch
Up to 48" outside diameter

Sprockets & Timing Gears

American Roller Chain – Class A, B, or C Fit
American Standard
Block Chain
Conveyor Chain
DIN 5462 & DIN 5463 Standard
Hy-Vo Chain
Ladder Chain
Metric Roller Chain
Power Grip GT
Sawmill Spline
Silent Chain

Other Tooth Forms

American Involute Splines
American Parallel Sided Splines
DIN 5480 Standard
DIN 5482 Standard
JIS Standard
Metric Involute Splines
Metric Parallel Sided Splines
SAE Standard

Equipment Used

Gear Hobbing Equipment

(1) Barber Colman #3 Gear Hobber, Capacity 6" O.D Max.
(3) Barber Colman 16-16 Gear Hobber, Capacity 16" O.D Max
(1) Barber Colman 18-30 Gear Hobber, Capacity 18" O.D Max
Phauter P630, 25" O.D Max
G & E 48H, Capacity 48" O.D Max

Misc Gear Equipment

Redin Gear Chamfering Machine


Over 1600 hobs –Diametral Pitch, Module, Circular Pitch, Stub, Worm, Sprocket, Serration, Involute and Parallel Spline.

Inspection Equipment

ITW Gear Roller
2 Bench Centers
12 x 18 Granite Surface Plate
18 x 24 Granite Surface Plate
24 x 36 Granite Surface Plate
Mitutoyo Depth Micrometer. 4" - 12"
Mitutoyo Vernier Calipers, 0" - 6"
Mitutoyo Vernier Calipers, 0" - 8"
Mitutoyo Vernier Calipers, 0" - 12"
Chinese Vernier Calipers, 0" - 40"
Chinese Vernier Calipers, 0" - 80"
Mitutoyo Internal Micrometer, 2" - 8"
Mitutoyo Internal Micrometer,8" - 40"
Trimos Electric Height Gage, 0" - 21"
MG Height Gage
Mitutoyo Bore Gage, 0.7" - 6"
Mitutoyo Bore Gage, 2" - 6"
Mitutoyo Bore Gage, 6.5" - 10"
Ringmaster Ring Gages, 0.25" - 2"
Meyer Plug Gages, 0.1" - 1"
Dial Indicators

Lifting Capacity

5000# Komatsu Forklift
500# Free Standing Jib Crane, Contrix
1000# Free Standing Jib Crane, Dayton
1000# Free Standing Jib Crane, Handling Systems
2000# Wince Crane, Thern


Diametral Pitch Range

1.5 D.P. to 128 D.P.

AGMA Quality for Hobbing

AGMA 8-10

Measurement Over Wires Tolerances


Pitch Runout Tolerance

Per AGMA 2000-A88

Tooth –To-Tooth Composite Tolerance

Per AGMA 2000-A88

Total Composite Tolerance

Per AGMA 2000-A88

Lead Error

Per AGMA 2000-A88

Hobbing Tooling
The materials that our hobs are made from vary. The most demanding jobs call for the hobs to be made from solid carbide. For everyday jobs, the hobs that we use are made from any one of the following materials: M2, M3, M4, M45, Rex45, or Rex76 tool steels. To get extended life out of our hobs, we have them coated with any one of the following coatings: TiN (Titanium Nitirde), Ti(C,N) (Titanium Carbonitride), or (Ti, AL) N (Titanium Aluminum Nitride). The extra benefits of these coatings include:
  1. Tool Life Increase
  2. Higher Production Rates
  3. More Parts Per Sharpening
  4. Less Down Time
  5. Better Surface Finish
  6. Increased Profits

Additional Information

Industries Served

Bag Manufacturing
Box Manufacturing
Can Manufacturing
Candy Manufacturing
Clutch Manufacturing
Machine Rebuilding
Machine Shops
Material Handling
Metal Stamping
Power Plant
Rotary Die Cutting
Sewage Treatment


·  Antibacklash Gear - 1

·  Bevel Spline Shaft

·  Bronze Helical Gear

·  Bronze Worm Gear

·  Cluster Gear

·  Delrin Helical Gear - 1

·  Delrin Spur Gear

·  Double Strand Sprocket

·  Face Gear

·  Helical Gear - 1

·  Helical Gear - 2

·  Helical Gear - 3

·  Helical Gear - 4

·  Helical Spline Shaft - 1

·  Internal and External Helical Gear Set

·  Nylon Helical Gear - 1

·  Nylon Spur Gear - 1

·  Nylon Spur Gear - 2

·  Nylon Spur Gear - 3

·  Phauter P630 Gear Hobber

·  Phenolic Spur Gear

·  Segment Gear - 1

·  Segment Gear - 2

·  Sprocket - 1

·  Sprocket - 2

·  Spur Bevel Gear

·  Spur Gear - 1

·  Timing Gear with Flanges Assembled

·  Various Spur Gears - 1

·  Various Spur Gears - 2

·  Worm and Worm Gear Set

·  Worm Gear Assembly


Blaz-Man Gear Brochure
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